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Wedding Criteria &
Pricing Information

While I would love to photograph 50+ weddings a year, at this stage of my life that would have a negative impact on my family and is not something I choose to do. Perhaps when my children are older I'll be able to accept more weddings.
Faced with the dilemma of needing to limit the number of weddings I accept, I have found it helpful to set criteria for the types of weddings I accept. While this has helped solve the practical issue of needing to limit the weddings I accept, a side benefit is that I LOVE and am energized by the weddings I photograph!

Current Criteria for Weddings (click to view details for each):

The most important: synergy!
Have you ever met someone and felt like you've known them all your life? You "clicked" with them when you met them? There's an energy present in those types of relationships.

I believe every couple looking for a wedding photographer should look until they find a photographer that they connect with, as the energy that comes from such a connection is visible in the final photos!

How do we know if there is a connection? The best way I've found is to visit together. Let's talk. I want to hear about you, your wedding, and your dreams for the day!
No Alcohol
I have attended weddings where alcohol is served, and I've also visited rescue missions and met individuals whose lives and families have been destroyed by alcohol. For my photography I've purposed to never glamorize the drinking of alcohol - and for weddings I photograph my goal is to capture, in the best light possible, all aspects of your special day. As a friend, I would have no problem attending your wedding if alcohol is present during the day, but I would not be the right choice to be your wedding photographer.
No Dancing
For many, dancing is a part of a joyous celebration, and every wedding I have photographed has been a joy-filled celebration. For some, the presence or absence of dancing would be based in a spiritual "conviction", while for others it would be a "preference". For me, and the types of weddings I've chosen to specialize in, I've chosen weddings that do not have dancing.
Modest Dresses
For some, modest attire is an important component for their wedding, while the flip side of the coin is that for others it's important to them that they wear clothing which draws attention to and highlights their body on their wedding day. For the weddings I photograph, modest attire is something important to the couple. If that describes you and your wedding, let's talk!

My Pricing

Years ago photography was a hobby and any money I earned was simply put towards equipment. While I wish I could photograph weddings for free or for practically free, at this stage of my life I just don't have the available time to do so, as wedding photography has become a part of my vocation.

On the other hand, the weddings I love to photograph do not tend to have big budgets. And I know what it's like to plan and pay for a wedding.

I have worked hard to keep my rate as low as possible.

If you think I would be the best choice to be your wedding photographer but my fee would result in a financial hardship for you, feel free to contact me anyways. While I cannot in any way guarantee a discount I'd still love to talk with you and find out about your wedding.

Travel Costs

Travel costs are in addition to my standard fee. The primary travel costs are generally for driving (or flying), possibly a rental vehicle, and possibly a hotel.

Weddings in the Kansas City/Lawrence/Topkea areas:

Travel costs this close to home tend to be $0.

Weddings within about 3-4 hours drive-time of Kansas City (Wichita, Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska and St. Louis, Missouri):

The travel cost will depend upon whether I attend the rehearsal and, if so, might involve a hotel for Friday night. Sometimes a rental vehicle is needed, other times one isn't. Travel costs can vary from about $100 up to about $300 or so.

Weddings within about 12 hours hours drive-time of Kansas City:

Twelve hours of driving is about the max, and driving is always my preference (over flying) as it's easier to transport my equipment. For a wedding that is up to 12 hours away from Kansas City, travel costs typically include a rental vehicle and fuel, along with two nights hotel, and would typically be $300~$600.

Weddings further than 12 hours hours drive-time of Kansas City:

These weddings require a flight (or, if I'm traveling with an assistant: two flights), and generally a rental car and two nights hotel. Travel costs can be up to $1,000 or even a bit more.

However: travel costs vary based on the wedding itself...

My goal is to keep my travel costs as low as possible. Travel costs vary based on each particular wedding and are details we can work through together.

As an example of how travel costs can vary, the last time I traveled to Alaska to photograph a wedding, my travel costs were a total of $65. How is this possible? The groom's family had airline miles available to cover the flight, the bride's family had a vehicle available so that a rental car wasn't needed, and a hotel wasn't needed as their pastor had several rooms available (one for myself, and one for my assistant). The $65? $50 was to pay the airline's extra luggage fee for an extra suitcase on the flight up and back, and $15 was airport parking.

That's why travel costs can vary so much based on the specific wedding and details related to the wedding.