• Felipe and Karen, Wisconsin

    Felipe and Karen's wedding was a wonderful, God-honoring event mixing soleminty and reverence with deep and abiding joy. The wedding not only brought two individuals together, but also two cultures, and both cultures were beautifully represented throughout the day. The groom's parents were not able to attend the event in person and I loved to see how they were made a part of the day through the use of technology.
  • Noah and Abby, Iowa

    Noah and Abby were married on a beautiful spring day in the heart of Iowa farm country. It was a joy to be a part of their special day, and a blessing to see how they strove to honor God in all the details of their day! I don't think I'll ever forget the beautiful music at their ceremony: hearing the congregation, with Noah and Abby leading, sing "Complete in Thee" is something I will not soon forget.
  • Job and Bethany, Florida

    Job and Bethany's wedding was a God-honoring and beautiful wedding. I found myself overcome with emotion a number of times during the ceremony and the reception - in particular while Job was sharing his testimony of how God saved him and then called him to the Alaskan mission field. COVID-19 was just beginning to flare up across the nation, and while quite a few details about the wedding were changed at the last minute, it was a joy to be a part of their special day.
  • Matthew and Dawnette, Ohio

    Matthew and Dawnette's wedding was a delightful, God-honoring, wedding. While, sure, I was there as the photographer there were a number of times during the day when I was overcome with emotion: rejoicing with them and their families, and praising God for what He has done.
  • Joshua and Maryanna, Alaska

    A gorgeous, cold, November day in Alaska was the scene for Joshua and Maryanna's wedding. Their greatest desire for their wedding was that it would glorify God, and it was a joy to be a part of their day.
  • Josiah and Sarah, Oklahoma

    A delightful, God-honoring Mennonite wedding in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Josiah and Sarah were a delight, and the cloudy skies and off-and-on rain didn't dampen their spirits.
  • Jesse and Sarah, Washington

    A stunning fall day across the sound from Seattle in Manchester, Washington. What a joy to witness these two amazing young people unite their lives together as they seek to honor and follow God. And no, it doesn't rain all the time in Seattle. We had beautiful blue skies!
  • Benjamin and Natalie, Illinois

    A beautiful wedding in the Illinois countryside. It was a delight to capture Benjamin and Natalie's wedding photos. Off-and-on rain throughout the day was a blessing to the local farmers, but I had to be a bit creative with some of the photos!